Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ideologue bloggers

I continue to be amused by the political bloggers. If you comment on their post, and the comment doesn't jibe with their bullshit, they automatically assume you're coming from the opposite point of view. In my case, it's often that I see things from even further out than they are, but they are so immersed in talking points and other people's ideas that they don't realize there are more than one or two ways of looking at issues. Makes me feel like a genius.

Dog number three

Number Three has got to go. That crazy bitch is tearing up everything in my yard, from potted plant pots to the actual yard itself! She's a menace. My other dogs just don't like her, and I'm afraid she'll kill one of them, sooner or later, if I let my guard down. I thought about putting an add in the paper but there are three lab and lab mixes in there today, and that's out of less than 10 ads! There's a basset in there too, and I'd like to have another basset, but shit, not with the monster around. Help! Maybe this is a job for the Democrats.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Age of B. S.

I've posted a couple of times to my other blog lately. I'm also considering writing a series of pages (a WordPress feature) about what's wrong with the U. S., and corrective steps "we the people" might take, if we had the courage. People who tell the truth tend to be labeled nuts or extremist, and I'm probably both. Nevertheless, if I have what I think published to the web, I can direct people there should they question me about my political, philosophical, and economic leanings, and then won't have to talk about it any further because they'll realize I'm uncontrollable.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Shaun Alexander finished?

I can't help but wonder is the great Shaun Alexander, reigning NFL MVP, isn't going the way of Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway. Apparently broken bones in the foot can be very, very tricky. Hope not, but it has occured to me that maybe all isn't well with Shaun in Seattle.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dragon Fire

I finished William Cohen's Dragon Fire this afternoon. It's a political, military, spy thing that I guess comes under the suspense heading. It's not great, but it's readable, especially if you like that sort of thing. I rate it "mildly amusing".

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Barely alive

It's been a bad month for me. Dog number three damn near killed number two about a week after her initial attack on him. He's on the mend now, but she tore his little ass up good. Stitches, tubes, the whole nine yards. She's still here though. Now every time he wants out I have to chain her crazy ass up so she doesn't finish him off. Anyway, I've finally reconciled with the fact that she's here for the duration, unless I flip out and cap her. So I'm trying to break her of all manner of unacceptable behaviour. It's a project.

My grandmother has been deathly ill, or at least she's felt like she's dying for about three weeks now. Nothing helps. We've been to the doctor a few times. They've found new problems but can't seem to do anything about her nausea and dizziness (Meneire's). I love her, but I'm not sure how long I can hold out as a nurse, especially when it's this tough on her. I guess as long as I have to.

The weather has been pretty horrible. It's not so fucking hot as it can be this time of year, but it's hot one day and cold the next. Plus it's been especially dreary, even for this inflamed pimple on the earth's arse. I desire the desert.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better, so maybe I'll have something to say one day. Maybe.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Dog fight!

Three mauled Two this morning. His little muzzle is scratched up and he's limping. Apparently Three killed a rat and Two thought he might relieve her of its carcass. Bad idea! Anyway, we'll need new procedures governing their together time, or else Three has to go. Nobody but One can maul Two and hope to get away with it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Speaking to Muslims in language they understand

Richard Armitage, it is being widely reported, told Pakistani strong man Pervez Musharraf that the US would bomb Pakistan back to the stone age if they didn't help us with the war on terror. Good! I hope all the Muslim nations have a very firm grasp of that idea. If they support terror in any way, shape, or form, they'll cease to exist. Maybe we should nuke Mecca, just so they'll know we're serious.

Bobby Knight sows a little salt on the whiny Oklahoma's wounds

Apparently the Oklahoma basketball team benefited from a well-documented bad call in a basketball game a few years back. What goes around comes around. It's a shame those woobs at OU don't realize it goes around to everybody sooner or later.

Sell Coke!

I don't know a damn thing about stocks, but I do know that Coca-Cola bottling company has hired my nitwit, alcoholic uncle in some capacity. Unless he's cutting the grass or cleaning the toilets, they've made a mistake. (They've made a mistake regardless. He's old and half-crippled from his alcohol related smashes). Anyway, a word to the wise is sufficient. Sell!