Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Trading Comcast for DirecTV was a good idea in theory but it may not have been too smart in practice. I live in the rainiest city in the US and since DirecTV is proving to be iffy, at best, when it's raining, I'm thinking it may be a long year. Yes, I signed on with DirecTV for a year, and that's another good reason to consider not going with DirecTV. Still, I'm enjoying the extra religious and Spanish language channels I didn't have with Comcast. ;^/

Last Days on Earth

20:20 is running an episode entitled "Last Days on Earth" tonight. According to the local television preview rag, it's about a group of scientist discussing the seven deadliest threats faced by humanity. I haven't seen previews or read anything on the web, but I'm guessing those threats to be, in no particular order: rap, today's country music, liberals, conservatives, christians, muslims, and China.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stray dog begone?

Mom brought a stray dog home last Saturday morning. She's a cute puppy, part lab, and I'm guessing she's in the six month age range. She's a little thin and favors her right front paw. Other than being soaked and a little muddy, she was in pretty good shape.

Our plan is always the same with stray dogs. Put an ad in the paper. If that doesn't work, and it almost never does, turn them over to ARF in hopes they'll eventually be adopted by an animal lover. Sometimes the ARF part of the plan is realized. On at least one prior occasion, we kept the dog ourselves.

It's too early to say what will happen with this particular mutt. The ad's been swinging less than a day. No takers thus far. Mom really likes the puppy. My grandmother is always for getting rid of them. She's already been quizzing me about buying a pet crate for the beast, which she says will make her ARF eligible. Personally, I hate sending animals to ARF. They are a "no kill" organization, and I guess that's a good thing. On the other hand, many of their rescued pets live the vast majority of their lives in cages, and I know I'd rather be dead than live like that. Of course, I'm not a dog, despite what one of my ex-girlfriends claims.

If New Dog will sit still long enough, I'll get a picture of her and upload it here. She'd make a fine pet for one of you out there in blogosphere. Of course she won't get very big and isn't destructive. ;^/