Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ideologue bloggers

I continue to be amused by the political bloggers. If you comment on their post, and the comment doesn't jibe with their bullshit, they automatically assume you're coming from the opposite point of view. In my case, it's often that I see things from even further out than they are, but they are so immersed in talking points and other people's ideas that they don't realize there are more than one or two ways of looking at issues. Makes me feel like a genius.

Dog number three

Number Three has got to go. That crazy bitch is tearing up everything in my yard, from potted plant pots to the actual yard itself! She's a menace. My other dogs just don't like her, and I'm afraid she'll kill one of them, sooner or later, if I let my guard down. I thought about putting an add in the paper but there are three lab and lab mixes in there today, and that's out of less than 10 ads! There's a basset in there too, and I'd like to have another basset, but shit, not with the monster around. Help! Maybe this is a job for the Democrats.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Age of B. S.

I've posted a couple of times to my other blog lately. I'm also considering writing a series of pages (a WordPress feature) about what's wrong with the U. S., and corrective steps "we the people" might take, if we had the courage. People who tell the truth tend to be labeled nuts or extremist, and I'm probably both. Nevertheless, if I have what I think published to the web, I can direct people there should they question me about my political, philosophical, and economic leanings, and then won't have to talk about it any further because they'll realize I'm uncontrollable.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Shaun Alexander finished?

I can't help but wonder is the great Shaun Alexander, reigning NFL MVP, isn't going the way of Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway. Apparently broken bones in the foot can be very, very tricky. Hope not, but it has occured to me that maybe all isn't well with Shaun in Seattle.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dragon Fire

I finished William Cohen's Dragon Fire this afternoon. It's a political, military, spy thing that I guess comes under the suspense heading. It's not great, but it's readable, especially if you like that sort of thing. I rate it "mildly amusing".

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Barely alive

It's been a bad month for me. Dog number three damn near killed number two about a week after her initial attack on him. He's on the mend now, but she tore his little ass up good. Stitches, tubes, the whole nine yards. She's still here though. Now every time he wants out I have to chain her crazy ass up so she doesn't finish him off. Anyway, I've finally reconciled with the fact that she's here for the duration, unless I flip out and cap her. So I'm trying to break her of all manner of unacceptable behaviour. It's a project.

My grandmother has been deathly ill, or at least she's felt like she's dying for about three weeks now. Nothing helps. We've been to the doctor a few times. They've found new problems but can't seem to do anything about her nausea and dizziness (Meneire's). I love her, but I'm not sure how long I can hold out as a nurse, especially when it's this tough on her. I guess as long as I have to.

The weather has been pretty horrible. It's not so fucking hot as it can be this time of year, but it's hot one day and cold the next. Plus it's been especially dreary, even for this inflamed pimple on the earth's arse. I desire the desert.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better, so maybe I'll have something to say one day. Maybe.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Dog fight!

Three mauled Two this morning. His little muzzle is scratched up and he's limping. Apparently Three killed a rat and Two thought he might relieve her of its carcass. Bad idea! Anyway, we'll need new procedures governing their together time, or else Three has to go. Nobody but One can maul Two and hope to get away with it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Speaking to Muslims in language they understand

Richard Armitage, it is being widely reported, told Pakistani strong man Pervez Musharraf that the US would bomb Pakistan back to the stone age if they didn't help us with the war on terror. Good! I hope all the Muslim nations have a very firm grasp of that idea. If they support terror in any way, shape, or form, they'll cease to exist. Maybe we should nuke Mecca, just so they'll know we're serious.

Bobby Knight sows a little salt on the whiny Oklahoma's wounds

Apparently the Oklahoma basketball team benefited from a well-documented bad call in a basketball game a few years back. What goes around comes around. It's a shame those woobs at OU don't realize it goes around to everybody sooner or later.

Sell Coke!

I don't know a damn thing about stocks, but I do know that Coca-Cola bottling company has hired my nitwit, alcoholic uncle in some capacity. Unless he's cutting the grass or cleaning the toilets, they've made a mistake. (They've made a mistake regardless. He's old and half-crippled from his alcohol related smashes). Anyway, a word to the wise is sufficient. Sell!

Dog number three kills again

Dog number three has canceled a rat. That brings her total, in about a month, to two squirrels, one rat, and two turtles (or one turtle twice). The reptiles survived and I've relocated one of them to the neighbors yard. She's a killer. A destructo too, but that's another story.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Andy Warhol

I just watched part of a Ric Burns' American Masters about Andy Warhol on PBS. What a fascinating character that guy was. He played a huge part in creating this crazy, celebrity-crazed culture we live in. Damn him. I guess he just understood, somehow, where the country was at psychologically. Love him or hate him, his is an amazing success story. You know what they say about the cream rising to the top and all that.

A message to cock-suckers Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Food for thought, assholes. The only thing standing between you and the total annihilation of your countries are shit-heads like George Bush. Yeah, there are a lot of liberal eunuchs here in the US that want to hold hands with you bastards. There are also untold millions like me, who'd gladly exterminate every living thing in your countries, just to shut you up. George Bush is your friend, shit-heads. The liberals are daft. The neo-cons ineffective. Then there are the everyday Americans that don't have the time or the inclination to put up with you shit-flecks. Keep talking assholes.

Oklahoma Sooners; crybabies

I've always liked OU football. Somewhere, though, they've gone from a top-shelf program with one of the richest traditions in college football, to a bunch of crybabies. Yeah, they got a bad call. But if they didn't have such a pussy-defense, they wouldn't have given up all those points, bad call or not. Now they are threatening to cancel a game with Washington in a couple of years if they don't get to pick the officials. Do they really think they are the only team to ever loose because of a bad call? It's a fucking football game, for god's sake. I say let the pussies cancel. Little Bobby Stoops is a crybaby. He's infected the entire Sooner nation. RIP OU football.

A perfect 10

It was a marvelous day down here in Hell's training ground (aka: South Alabama). Low 80's, low humidity, clear, deep-blue sky -- I almost had to go on a bender to celebrate. Fortunately I thought better of that. Anyway, it was a classic. Tomorrow we're supposed to get more of the same.

Iranian bastard

I've only got one thing to say about that Iranian SOBs remarks at the UN last night. He's a long-winded, lying, self-righteous, cock-sucker. That about covers it. (BTW, the same applies to Little Bush).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New posts to Age of B. S.

I've posted to Age of B. S. a couple of time. Check it out if you're so inclined.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Cops pop Willie for pot

Willie Nelson busted! Cops in Louisiana found over a pound of weed and some shrooms on the Red Headed Stranger's bus. I'm sorry, but if god-damn Willie Nelson can't toke up in this crazy country, something is seriously wrong. What kind of dorky cop would arrest Willie in the first place? He ought to be able to murder people.

Number three's initial vet visit.

Dog number three was introduced to the vet today. The total ran to just over $221 bucks. That included six doses of Revolution for her and dog number one. She'll be returning to be spayed sometime in the next few days to weeks. God damn.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Muslim menace

Apparently the pope has apologized to Muslims for something he said that offended them. God damn. I say fuck those barbarous animals. How can two civilizations co-exist if one threatens to turn to violence in response for something someone from the other says? Tolerance is a two way street. The day will come when we in the west have to teach those maggots what true terror really is. It's either that, or live as hostages to their violent propensities. It's not like they actually contribute anything useful to humanity. They need to get with the program or get extinct.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Terrible television

I'm always surfing for something interesting, or at least amusing, to watch on television. For some strange reason, I almost never enjoy a program during its initial prime time run. There have been a few exceptions, and one of those is Monk.

Monk was one of my favorites for the first couple of years it ran. I even liked it alright in it's third season, but it was noticeably weaker without Monk's original assistant. The new girl is pretty, and I suppose a decent actress, but the tension just isn't there. Anyway, I'm watching it right now because I have absolutely nothing else to do. Unfortunately, I have to say that it is now a pretty terrible program. I don't know where they went wrong, but I suspect it's the writers. It's just not very funny anymore. I can't imagine it lasting more than one more season, unless something changes for the better. Tony Shaloub is great. It's just that the stories aren't very interesting. Or have I just grown sick of it?

I've also watched the show that immediately follows Monk on USA Network. It's so terrible I can't even think of the name. It's pointless and I doubt seriously it'll run even one more year. Others that are to bad to watch, but I watch them anyway, are Blade the series and Nightstalker. Nightstalker is especially terrible. The moral of the story is, don't watch Nightstalker, Blade, Monk, and whatever the show is that follows Monk. You'll be glad you don't.

Just another tricky day

Haven't felt much like writing today. I had to take dog number two to the vet for his bordetella injection. I guess that sort of threw me off my doing absolutely nothing stride. I still did absolutely nothing, but I never got into a rhythm. Additionally I took some Benadryl this morning and I've been is a sort of fuge state most of the day.

Moving right along to college football. I thought West Virginia looked pretty good last night. They have a crappy defense, and I don't think they'll be able to run against a first rate defense, but they are probably a legitimate top-10 team. Louisville will probably beat them. Louisville will probably loose to Miami this weekend, so I don't think we need to worry about a team from the Big East screwing up the BCS this year. Additionally I look for Nortre Dame to beat Michigan rather handily. Oklahoma should ground Oregon into a paste. Nebraska has no chance against USC, unless all the bad Bush press throws them off their game. Am I leaving someone out?

I finally dug out the DirecTV manual and read the paragraph on troubleshooting. I reset the box thing, per its direction, and haven't had anymore trouble out of it since. So maybe DirecTV isn't as big a POS as I was thinking this time last week.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Google tabs?

A tabbed feature was popping up on my google home page for a few minutes just recently. I named a new tab "sports" and moved all my sports widgets to it. It worked for a few minutes, then disappeared, returning all my widgets to my original home page. Weird, but cool. I hope they'll go live with it soon.

Posts to Age of B. S.

I've posted a couple of times to Age of B. S. since Sunday. You'll find them here and here. Check them out.

Big games in the SEC

I've neglected this blog for the better part of a week. Mostly I've been hanging out in Wordpress land. It's a great community, but there's something about blogger that keeps me coming back here, even if it isn't regularly.

Anyway, there are big games to pronosticate, and that's what I'm going to do. The biggest game in the country this week is LSU at Auburn. I've pretty much considered it a toss up, at least until late last night. Then it dawned on me what the difference would be. Auburn's big, veteran offensive line will take advantage of LSU's less experienced front, which will allow Auburn to control the game with their ground attack. It should be a good game, but not as close as most people think. Auburn 31, LSU 21.

The other big game is Florida at Tennessee. Conventional wisdom seems to be that Tennesee's opening game blowout of a talented Fornia team was a fluke. Not so. Last week's close game with Air Force was the fluke. Tennessee was suffering from big-headedness after reading the press concerning their dismantiling of Cal. Additionally, they were looking ahead to Florida, which has become the biggest game on their schedule year in and year out. Tennessee will expose, once and for all, the weakness of Urban Meyer's offensive scheme in a conference of great athletes. I'm not that worried about the injuries on the Vols' side either. They are always deep. Tennessee 38, Florida 24.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brandon Jacobs of the NY Giants

I'm watching 267 pound tailback Brandon Jacobs punish Colts defenders. He reminds me of the embarrassment of riches Auburn enjoyed at tailback a few years ago where Jacobs was third string behind Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown. He transferred from Auburn in quest of playing time!

Dick Cheney full of shit enough to be commander in chief

I don't read the Washington Post but this headline, War's Critics Abetting Terrorists, Cheney Says, popped up on my homepage and I bit. God Cheney is an asshole

Vice President Cheney offered a veiled attack yesterday on critics of the administration's Iraq policy, saying the domestic debate over the war is emboldening adversaries who believe they can undermine the resolve of the American people.

Really? I guess the bastards are just going to have to be emboldened then. This is the god damn US of A Dickhead.

Cheney unapologetically defended the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, saying the administration would have done "exactly the same thing" even if it knew before the war what he acknowledged knowing now -- that Iraq did not have stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

No, asswipe, it wouldn't have because the American people wouldn't have stood for it. I don't pay much attention to the "Bush lied, people died" crap, but this kind of bullshit from Dickhead almost makes me wonder. Come what may, 2009 can't get here quick enough for me. It's just a shame Bush and Cheney won't be held accountable in any sense other than the historical. The Democrats bear a huge amount of responsibility for the ongoing debacle. They didn't offer Americans a viable alternative in 2004.

DirecTV is intermittent

DirecTV is intermittent again today.

Five years after 9/11

I'm watching the football game and they just showed an aerial view of ground zero. I didn't realize how pissed off I still am. As much as anything I'm pissed off my countrymen are dying in Iraq while that cock-sucker bin Laden hides somewhere in Pakistan.

The Troy University Trojans; a power on the rise

Troy University scared the be-Jesus out of Bobby Bowden and his Florida State seminoles last night. Whether Florida State is over-rated, or Bowden is slipping, is anybody's guess. Never-the-less, it's surprising to me that Bobby would allow his Seminoles to be surprised by the Troy Trojans. The Trojans, afterall, are simply using a play out of the book Bowden used to build Florida State into a national power.

Back in the '70s and '80s Bowden took the Florida State show on the road. At first, and like Troy, they were virtually unheard of and frequently mauled by national powers. All that changed after a few years, though, and by the time the 90s rolled around Florida State didn't have to go on the road. Nobody would have played them had they offered to bring their powerful show to town. Troy is embarking on the same path Bowden blazed. Look for many upsets from Troy in the near-future. Look for Troy to be a national power in the not-too-distant future.

Students embarrass Ohio State after big win

Rowdy Ohio State students rampaged in Columbus after the Buckeyes football victory over Texas. This is embarrassing for the state of Ohio and anyone affiliated with the university. It's seems strange because their program, on the surface and last night at least, was the essence of class.

Cocks claim place in hydrogen economy

The University of South Carolina is claiming a place in the coming "hydrogen economy". Good for them.

Americans can save themselves

Americans can save themselves was posted to Age of B. S. a couple of hours ago. It's about term limits and how they can be most readily imposed on the whores.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ohio State vs. Texas

Texas vs. Ohio State is a coin toss in my opinion. There's just no telling how good either is. They haven't played anybody. I have a hunch Texas has the edge, athlete wise. Ohio State definitely has the superior coach. Whoever wins tonight will be in the driver's seat to lose to USC in the national title game.

UPDATE: Texas has tied the Buckeyes just before the half. They wouldn't have, though, without a terrible call by the Big 10 refs. An Ohio State tackle nailed Texas' quarterback, hard but clean, just after he got the ball away for an incompletion. I just saw it again. It may not be so much a terrible call, as a terrible rule. It was a helmet to helmet, but there was nothing else the Ohio State guy could have done. He just ran over the quarterback. He didn't lower his helmet or anything. Damn. The mandatory penalty on helmet to helmet contact is stupid.

UPDATE: It's 17-7 and it's over. Ohio State is loaded! All bets are off for the pending title game with the Trojans. The Buckeyes will certainly be more battle hardened, having played a much tougher schedule. I've always hated the Buckeyes, and all Big-10 teams, but their brilliant coach has made a fan of me. Jim Tressel is a class act.

Alabama vs. Vanderbilt

Here's how it's supposed to go, at least when 'Bama is where they like to be. At halftime, it's Alabama 7, Vanderbilt 0. Vanderbilt should have negative yardage, no first downs, all that. The final should be something like 21-7, with Vanderbilt scoring their only touchdown late in the game against 'Bama's third string.

The score, in reality, is Vandy 10, Alabama 3, at halftime in Tuscaloosa. The game looks very even. Alabama has turned the ball over a couple of times. There's no reason to think 'Bama won't get them late, but there's no reason to think 'Bama is anything other than a very mediocre football team, not nearly as good as last year. If Vanderbilt manages to beat them, 'Bama has real problems. It'll be a long, painful season.

In reality, no one should expect more. This is their first class in years without scholarship reductions. It's too early to get on Shula. Next year they need to be better. If Shula hasn't beaten Auburn by then, the rednecks will run him off. I look for the Tide to be back in the 2008 season. Not all the way back, but pretty damn close. Whether Mike Shula will lead them back to glory remains to be seen.

No stopping Iran's quest for the bomb

Does anybody believe there is anything, short of a nuclear first strike, that will prevent Iran from going nuclear? If there is no stopping them, what's with all the posturing? It makes the Europeans look stupid. They'll look even worse when the Iranians are finished. It makes the US look weak to blather about a nuclear Iran being unacceptable, and not being able to stop it. Why all the bullshit?

UPDATE: Are the Iranians really going to halt production for two months? And so friggin' what if they are? If they do stop, they'll start back, and sooner than later.

DirecTV a bad move

If my experience is at all typical, and you live in an area that tends to be overcast, DirecTV is a poor substitute for cable. It's in and out every few minutes all day long if it's cloudy. The outs last from 15 seconds to a minute or more. It's a bitch if you're actually paying attention to a game or something. A word to the wise if sufficient.

Technorati top 100: Keepers


  • Dooce is Memphis girl and recovering Mormon. She's also a very talented writer. Her site isn't exactly my cup of tea, but like I said, she's a Memphis girl and recovering Mormon.
  • Wonkette because it's funny.
  • Gothamist because the latest post was about a granny blasting a mugger in NYC. Guns are good people.
  • Deadspin is a sports blog.
  • PikeMurdy has some interesting pics.
And that's it. It should be noted that I have no patience for bad designs, flashy ads, or sites that require a period of acclimation.

Technorati top 100

It's game day, but there aren't any interesting games on yet, so I'm checking out the blogosphere. So far I've made it through 20 of the top 100 on Technorati. The only one that is even mildly amusing it PostSecret, and it's not nearly as interesting as it was earlier in the year. (It may be that since I'm now free from all the psychotropic substances, I'm more particular. I think, though, that the quality of the offerings has significantly declined.) At least PostSecret is original.

So here's the breakdown of the top 20.

  • Six useful idiot, or political blogs. The top three are of the liberal persuasion. I left a comment at Think Progress pointing out that none of the folks commenting on Path to 9/11 has seen the damn thing. Serious retards blogging over there, and at all political blogs.
  • Six tech blogs. Most of these are gadget oriented. Does acquiring lots of gadgets make people feel better about themselves? Seems to me like it's basically the same fix as buying new clothes, cars, or any other sort of bullshit. Affluenza.
  • Four non-English blogs.
  • Two corporate blogs. Goggle and Apple are both represented. God damn.
  • A gossip blog
  • PostSecret
Is that 20?

I guess if you want to be a big time blogger you need to be a retard, a geek, a corporation, a foreigner, a gossip, or a talentless artist. Cool.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Apologies anyone?

We apologize an awful god damn lot in this country. Zuckerberg, the brains behind Facebook, apologized today for empowering idiots to publicize their private lives. Richard Armitage has finally gotten around to acknowledging he outed Valerie Plame, and of course, apologizing for it. The Governator has put his big foot in his big mouth yet again, and yet again, apologized for it. And all of this just today!

So I'm christening an "apology" tag. Yes, when it becomes me, I'll note the apologies of the assholes who do shit they have to apologize for, or are gutless enough to apologize to crybabies because it improves their images. To all of you who I hope to offend at some point, let me take this opportunity to say fuck you! I'm not responsible for how you feel you stupid piece of shit. I'm not sorry for what I say or do, but if it'll keep me from being sued or jailed, I might say I am.

Sandy "Sox" Berger for censorship

It's pretty funny to watch the Clinton people, Sandy "Sox" Berger in particular, cry over a mini-series, The Path to 9/11, to air on ABC Sunday and Monday nights. It makes me wonder why they're so touchy? To my way of thinking, only one thing matters where Clinton and 9/11 are concerned; Clinton failed to get Osama bin Laden. In Clinton's defense, we didn't have quite the grasp of just what bin Laden was capable of on his watch. Little Bush doesn't have the same excuse.

Screw trackbacks

I'd forgotten what a pain in the ass they are. Mostly good only for spam. If I want to link to a blog, and want that blogger to know about it bad enough, I'll just have to leave them comment. If they are such assholes that they don't allow links in their comments, I won't link to them. If I'm still doing this a year from now, or by some cosmic mistake, lots of people start blogging here, I'll think about going with my own domain then.

Blogger doesn't do trackbacks!

Hard to believe. I realize they can be a pain in the ass, but trackbacks are a huge part of blogging, at least for me. So, in the immortal words of Kramer, concerning my blogger experiment; "Well that didn't work". I'll have a domain registered and a site up in a few days. Stay tuned for the link.

US political system is beyond salvage

I've stumbled across a blog, or at least a post on a blog, expressing the ugly truth. Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred posted this gem. I not quite sure what they're getting at on a couple of points, but I feel their pain. (Rage?) This ties in nicely with my posts here and here. Obviously there are sane, intelligent people out there. What we need is a plan to take the country back. Can it be done without refreshing the tree of liberty?

Funny weatherman's on-air roach encounter

I saw this last night on Leno. It's a not-too-macho weatherman's on-air encounter with a cockroach. Very funny stuff.

Political blogs preach to the choir

For the life of me I don't understand the appeal of political blogs. A bunch of people who profess to be of more or less one mind about issues posting and commenting from pretty much the same perspective is at best boring. Don't these people know what they think? Are their convictions so weak they need others with little or no imagination to edify them? It's a strange phenomena, but one that is apparently a big part of a lot of folk's human condition. It's pitiful. It's pitiful that these same (type of) people dominate the political debate in the US. The liberals and conservatives are the problem. By their participation they perpetuate a political system that is completely corrupt. The are the corporation's useful idiots. Unfortunately they'll pull all of us down with them as they continue sinking the ship of state.

Jessica Simpson has big ones!

I've never paid much attention to Jessica Simpson. I like the Allman Brothers, James Taylor, Van Morrison, Bill Monroe, Mark O'Connor, John Mayer, and the likes, so my musical taste preclude me from taking her seriously. Ms. Simpson does, however, have a bodacious rack. I'm watching her on Leno and she's a gorgeous girl. Utterly devoid of talent, but what the hell. If I had a beaver that looked like that I could probably act right, more or less, for a couple of months.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blogger vs.

Blogger is growing on me. The biggest things in its favor, versus, are the template editing and the profile features. I haven't played with it much, but I'd have to give the new templates a solid 10. Now that I can tweak the HTML and CSS, it's pushing an 11. The profile thing is just right, even though it hasn't changed, I don't think, in years. My only gripe is that to add a picture, you have to be running Windows. Of course that's a non-issue for 90 plus percent of the world. is formidable to be sure. It has powerful tools for tracking your traffic built in. The thing I like best, however, is its comment tracking feature. With it, you can track your comments all across from you dashboard. It's really nice. It's more of a community over there and it's all sort of self contained. I don't like the stock templates, though, and you can't edit them unless you pony up a little cash. (I don't mind that, but I don't have any to pony up). Additionally you can add an avatar to your profile and it appears all over the when you comment, and even in a tag tracking feature that needs some work. Additionally WordPress has a "page" feature that permits permanent, static content to be linked to from the main page.

If I could only use one, today I'd probably have to go with WordPress. I've enjoyed their work for a while now. They're more of a hacker community. I like that.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A brief summary of the missing past week

It's been difficult for me to get into this. Actually, I've been depressed, and it's only now abating to the point that I might be able to string a couple of coherent sentences together. The long weekend, the new dog, the fate of the world, and my own plight were all weighting me down, but I'm better now.

So, what's been happening in the Outskirts of Reality?

  • Tom Cruise has embarked on an apology campaign. Fuck him. I liked him better as the self-righteous light-weight he is.
  • The Crocidile Hunter (Steve Irwin) got himself killed by a stingray. I liked the silly bastard in spite of himself. Why couldn't it have been Tom Cruise or George Bush?
  • College football is underway. Media darlings Texas, Ohio State, USC, and Notre Dame have assumed the places they're apparently entitled to atop the AP poll. God damn. Look for USC to win it all unless they end up having to play a team from Florida (other than the Gators) or the SEC in the championship game.
  • George Bush is blathering about the mythical "War on Terror". I have one question for that cock-bite. If those mother-fuckers are so damn dangerous, why don't we need to secure our borders? It's bullshit, plain and simple.
  • Democrats are clamouring for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation, as if that would make some sort of difference. Those fecal flecks are even dumber, and potentially more dangerous, than the neo-cons. Fuck 'em.
  • DirecTV was assing up on me last night, but the problem seems to have corrected itself this morning.
  • The stray black dog is now "Named" and pretty much officially a member of the family. My other dogs don't like her much, and bark like crazy every morning hours before I'm ready to face the hell of another day. I haven't killed any of them. Yet.
That should more or less bring the blog up to speed. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Trading Comcast for DirecTV was a good idea in theory but it may not have been too smart in practice. I live in the rainiest city in the US and since DirecTV is proving to be iffy, at best, when it's raining, I'm thinking it may be a long year. Yes, I signed on with DirecTV for a year, and that's another good reason to consider not going with DirecTV. Still, I'm enjoying the extra religious and Spanish language channels I didn't have with Comcast. ;^/

Last Days on Earth

20:20 is running an episode entitled "Last Days on Earth" tonight. According to the local television preview rag, it's about a group of scientist discussing the seven deadliest threats faced by humanity. I haven't seen previews or read anything on the web, but I'm guessing those threats to be, in no particular order: rap, today's country music, liberals, conservatives, christians, muslims, and China.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stray dog begone?

Mom brought a stray dog home last Saturday morning. She's a cute puppy, part lab, and I'm guessing she's in the six month age range. She's a little thin and favors her right front paw. Other than being soaked and a little muddy, she was in pretty good shape.

Our plan is always the same with stray dogs. Put an ad in the paper. If that doesn't work, and it almost never does, turn them over to ARF in hopes they'll eventually be adopted by an animal lover. Sometimes the ARF part of the plan is realized. On at least one prior occasion, we kept the dog ourselves.

It's too early to say what will happen with this particular mutt. The ad's been swinging less than a day. No takers thus far. Mom really likes the puppy. My grandmother is always for getting rid of them. She's already been quizzing me about buying a pet crate for the beast, which she says will make her ARF eligible. Personally, I hate sending animals to ARF. They are a "no kill" organization, and I guess that's a good thing. On the other hand, many of their rescued pets live the vast majority of their lives in cages, and I know I'd rather be dead than live like that. Of course, I'm not a dog, despite what one of my ex-girlfriends claims.

If New Dog will sit still long enough, I'll get a picture of her and upload it here. She'd make a fine pet for one of you out there in blogosphere. Of course she won't get very big and isn't destructive. ;^/